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Melissa Tompkins, South Coast Veterinary Management Solutions

“Rhonda Bell is a wonderful veterinary consultant. She is very knowledgeable about veterinary practice management and is definitely a specialist when it comes to Social Media and marketing. I highly recommend her.”

Linda Miller, MilesWithMillers.com

“Dog Days Consulting gave me the tools needed to turn my dream into reality. Rhonda kept me focused and on task while teaching me the skills I need to keep my blog running smoothly.  Within 2 days my site was published, allowing me more time to focus on my travels.  I’m blogging away!”

–Linda Miller, Mileswithmillers.com

So much help!

I would say that utilizing Dog Days Consulting has taken our postings on social media to new levels. The branded posts are professionally presented and bring an interaction we had not previously experienced. But let’s not forget about local postings. The ability to send photos to DDC and have them branded and posted is seamless. I can delegate local postings from my team to keep our social media.

I cannot say enough positive things about Dog Days Consulting 💕. They have taken a very important role off my plate and allowed me to focus on our practice.

Sandy Borcheller

Rhonda and Dog Days Consulting

Rhonda and Dog Days Consulting have become a wonderful resource for myself and my clients when it comes to all things social media and branding. Having worked with Rhonda in the past on veterinary hospital related projects, I can assure you that she is focused on the mission’s core purpose and helps deliver high quality results and value back to the hospital. Her communication and collaboration skills make partnering with her fun and enjoyable too!

Todd Johnson

Melissa Garcia, Grandpaws Foundation

“Rhonda is a great consultant! She is very knowledgeable about the veterinary field so there is no need to explain our industry. She is very patient and kind. She will lead you towards the right direction for your practice. Thank you for all your help!”

From the moment I met

From the moment I met with Rhonda and the Dog Days Consulting team I was so impressed with their profound understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by the veterinary industry. Their knowledge of the industry, combined with their ability to guide us through the intricacies of social media and branding, has been invaluable. I can’t recommend them enough. If you are looking for a company that truly understands the veterinary industry and provides outstanding support every step of the way, Dog Days Consulting is the perfect partner for you.

Connie Gualiano, Owner, PawsTime On Hold Messaging

Connie Gualiano

Dee Allen, RVT, CVPM

“Rhonda Bell is a ‘getter done’ kind of gal, not only does she make things happen, but she does it in a most professional way! She definitely knows her craft and she knows how to meet and exceed her clients’ needs, but what I love best of all is her wit and how she makes what she does somehow not seem like work at all!”

— Dee Allen, RVT, CVPM

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