Do you want a purposeful career?

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We understand the need for a balance between work expectations and personal lives. Work-Life Balance is not just a catchphrase. The need to be valued in the marketplace and have a sense of purpose is very important.

You believe that work and money are not all that goes into a satisfying life.

We help those career seekers lay a strong foundation for a long sustainable profitable career through the use of mindset training, personal branding, and resilience training.

Have you reached a career plateau?

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Are you on a plateau or at a crossroads…What is next? Is this it? What are your options? Where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing in the next few years?

We can help you step outside of your situation to really dive deep into your passions and options for recreating yourself and the career of your dreams.

Have you lost your way and want to get back?

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If you worry that you have lost your way we can help. Coaches can help you evaluate the situation and your thinking that has you believing you are on the wrong track. We can also help you redesign your mindset and your path to make the changes you need.

Why do you need a coach?

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Coaches help you gain clarity on your goals, passions, and your brand message. We then help you with sharing your message with the world through the use of digital media and marketing.

‘If you are a thought leader who wants to increase your brand’s awareness with the world, we will you hone your message and teach you to TELL THE WORLD!’

Why Dog Days?

We bring a very unique perspective to our coaching services. We have overcome our own career hurdles, struggled and persevered through the life of being a military spouse, faced very serious health conditions, and crafted a business and profession that marries all that we are passionate about. The first of which is helping others where they are, since its where we have been!

Contact us to find out more about leadership and career coaching, personal and professional branding, and digital messaging services, and more: rhonda@dogdaysconsulting.com or linda@dogdaysconsulting.com

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