Rhonda and Dog Days Consulting

Rhonda and Dog Days Consulting have become a wonderful resource for myself and my clients when it comes to all things social media and branding. Having worked with Rhonda in the past on veterinary hospital related projects, I can assure you that she is focused on the mission’s core purpose and helps deliver high quality results and value back to the hospital. Her communication and collaboration skills make partnering with her fun and enjoyable too!

Published by Rhonda Bell, CVPM, CCFP, CDMP

My passion lies with the small business owner specifically in veterinary medicine but not exclusively. I love coaching, teaching, developing and creating opportunities for veterinary practice success. Certified Veterinary Practice Manager with 15 years of veterinary hospital management experience. I want to help overwhelmed stressed out practice owners, managers and veterinary teams make sense of the sticky areas of veterinary practice management.

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