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Recruiter Me This Batman! Where have all the good candidates gone? How do we find them?


Wouldn’t it be easy in veterinary management if we already had the solution to our biggest hiring issues? Making it easier to solve with or without an obvious villain? I admit it would be way cooler if the Joker had taken all the highly skilled candidates out of Gotham and stowed them away somewhere we couldn’t find them? Well if not cooler maybe at least it would be more engaging and entertaining. Managers pull some serious magic and mojo out of their hats to find perfect 10 candidates. Managers should wear a cape and have superpowers, in fact, I believe a lot of them do have superpowers. How could they not?


Practice managers are challenged to find the perfect candidates, interview them, hire them, and then expect them to be the perfect addition to their amazing team. There you go, jobs easy, you’re welcome! When managers do find a great new-hire there should be ticker tape parades through the front office and treatment areas of the practice with our reigning hero riding on the batmobile waving at the cheering adoring appreciative team.


The problems with this fantasy are that candidates aren’t easy to find, they don’t interview well in most cases, we might hire them then they fizzle and disappoint, or our team complains about them more than they appreciate them. What’s a superhero to do? Join me for the next few weeks while we search Gotham to rescue our new hires! Join me for more articles on how to find our next ideal candidate and what to do with them once we got them! Let’s break this down and look at it in chunks over the next few articles.

Preparation leads to success Master Wayne…

  • Position Audits, Job Descriptions, and Candidate Audits
  • Write job ads and post them.
  • While we are waiting for our candidates to stream in we will be updating the interview process
  • We think we have one to hire, now what?
  • Preparing the new hire onboarding process

Robin to the bat cave! We need to find our missing candidates!


Let’s look where we might be most successful finding our ideal candidates and what we can do to stand ahead of our employer competition. It’s important to know our competition as much as it is to know where our candidates are looking for opportunities. What do we know about:

  • Online Resources
  • Schools
  • Referral Programs-Staff and Clients
  • Prescreens and Interviewing


Now that we have rescued our candidates from the dungeons of unemployment, we must train them in the way of the bat!

  • Identifying and defining culture
  • Creating an onboarding checklist
  • Implementing the program

After this series of articles, you will be able to identify what type of candidate you are looking for and why, where to find them and how, and we will have started an outline of what a comprehensive onboarding program looks like. I hope you join me on this journey and find some useful tidbits and resources.

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