Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

Dressing pets up for Halloween is an age-old tradition and I think it’s great.  I know some pet owners (and their pets disagree).  My pugs Sugar and Kona liked it.  They used to go trick-or-treating with us when our kids were younger. My favorite memory of the pug’s costumes was of them dressed up asContinue reading “Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets”

Team Empowerment Doesn’t Work On Autopilot

Empowering your team is vital to practice success but you can’t take your hands off the wheel.  Guiding is definitely in order but crossing over into micro-managing is dangerous territory too… Read more about it in my article Published in Firstline Magazine, February 1, 2018, http://veterinaryteam.dvm360.com/empowerment-doesn-t-work-autopilot  

Creating Content for Your Practice

Creating content for your practice doesn’t have to be expensive or a major time drain. Let me show you how I create quick content that’s engaging.

Recruiter Me This Batman! Where have all the good candidates gone? How do we find them?

Wouldn’t it be easy in veterinary management if we already had the solution to our biggest hiring issues? Making it easier to solve with or without an obvious villain? I admit it would be way cooler if the Joker had taken all the highly skilled candidates out of Gotham and stowed them away somewhere weContinue reading “Recruiter Me This Batman! Where have all the good candidates gone? How do we find them?”

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